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The most extreme form of speed

What is MCXperience?

GT, Sport, Corsa – when driving mode selector reaches the highest mode, all barriers fall and brutal force rests in your hands. That is why the Maserati Corsa Experience is the most extreme form of speed. Experience it yourself or have someone experience it as a present, pure-bred racing genes of the super sports car MC20 and its 630 hp. You can be behind the wheel of the Maserati born on the track and for the track. With an instructor by your side in every curve, whenever you break or accelerate

A unique Maserati training for the first time in the region

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Mladen Alvirović


A Maserati driving instructor will always be by your side

Track pace is not easy to find. However, you learn much faster when you have a teacher in the car by your side, watching your every move, your every reaction

Never before has there been a driver training of such a brand in this region. Neither has there been an instructor given such an honor. Until now. Mladen Alvirović will be your co-driver during each program. Reliable and accurate instructions will lead you to the highest of speeds. You will hear why “I don’t step on the gas until I’m ready not to release it”, you will understand why braking in a corner is better than breaking before, and you will learn how much speed comes from precision and fluid driving. And all that because, at any given time, you will have a certified instructor by your side focusing only on you.

The training program at the NAVAK Center includes:

  • Adapting the program to the participant’s level of knowledge
  • Step-by-step, meter-by-meter approach to gaining knowledge on the track
  • Individual assessment of each driver through telemetry analysis
  • Video footage of the fastest laps transferred to a USB as a memento

+ An Exclusive Maserati Corsa Experience gift for program participants

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The First Contact

Primo Contatto

Have you always dreamt of driving a supercar? You will get basic intro on sports driving, meet idea of racing line and drive ten laps on the dynamic North Track yourself (driving tempo adapted to drivers with no track experience) and an additional taxi lap for a top-speed experience with Mladen Alvirovic.

60 min – 600 EUR + VAT

Speed Training

Corso Velocita

Want to discover the secrets of track driving? Introductory sports driving program offers everything from vehicle dynamics theory, to brake control exercises in the training ground, and discussing trajectories on the track. At the very end, we will time your fastest lap at the North Track and compare your time with the instructor’s.

60 min – 800 EUR + VAT*

* An exclusive Maserati Corsa Experience souveniras a gift

For great drivers

Grande Pilota (1-4)

Are you ready for the ultimate training? The four levels of this program will open the door to speed for you, step by step until you switch the driving mode selector to Corsa, the highest driving mode of every Maserati, unrestricted by the electronics. Each level has the same duration, and includes theory, exercises, telemetry analysis, comparison to the instructor’s driving, and,  unlike all previous programs, driving in the biggest circuit of the NAVAK Center with a super-fast configuration allowing you to reach the speed of more than 200 km/h at up to five spots. Be ready for hard work and the greatest satisfaction. Duration and price are the same for each level.

90min – 1000 EUR + VAT*

*An exclusive Maserati Corsa Experience souveniras a gift

Free test drives

Prove Libere

Are you experienced, do you know the track, have you already undergone training at the NAVAK Center? We can take it a step further and allow you to immediately test the MC20 in the Full Circuit with the most demanding configuration. Three runs on the track in fast lap-slow lap mode, analysis of parameters and footage between runs – a true test for those already used to the power of the Super Sports Car.

60min – 1000 EUR + VAT*

*An exclusive Maserati Corsa Experience souveniras a gift


The stage for the greatest excitement

As many as 23 curves make the challenge before you. Configurations that allow you to drive up to 250 km/h. An 1150 m long straight. The first and only track in Serbia.

In Subotište, 20 minutes from the Nikola Tesla Airport, near Pećinci, the place where the best drivers are made awaits you. The first and only real track in Serbia, with five large configurations for any type of event, from training to competition. Depending on the program you choose, you will be driving on one of the three most attractive tracks.

The North Track

Its dynamic configuration does not allow you to rest. You will be stepping on the gas for the most part of the circuit.

The Middle Track

Group rides, events, and guided laps, but also advanced training. This configuration is suitable for everything.

The Full Circuit

All types of curves, all types of trajectories, a collection of challenges gathered from the world’s biggest race tracks.  In up to five spots, you can reach the speed of over 200 km/h.



How to get the MCXperience?

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